Dealing with Trike Drivers in Angeles City

If you are good at dealing then trike drivers are always willing to make deals in Angeles City. For example, say you are staying 7 days or whatever. There are normally loads of trike drivers parked near your hotel, just walk up to them and say look I'm staying at this hotel and I'm going to need rides to Fields, Perimeter Road and some of the malls over the next several days. Get cell phone numbers and they will work with you. Instead of paying say 100 pesos to Perimeter Road you can get it for 70 or whatever. Tell them you want to give them repeat business.

Trike Fares in Angeles City

A lot of people complain about getting charged 100 pesos for going just about everywhere in Angeles City and there actually is a Trike Fare Matrix but that is really quite useless for tourists. It's best to you the method above to avoid getting over charged for transportation in Angeles City. Here is a quick guide I go by for acceptable fares.

Upper Perimeter (Lost in Asia) to Fields Avenue - 100 Pesos
Middle Perimeter Road (Candy Bar Det 5 Lewis Grand Hotele) to Fields Avenue - 70 Pesos
Lower Perimeter Road (Eruptions Dr Holms ABC Hotel) to Fields Avenue - 50 Pesos
SM Clark to Fields Avenue - 100 Pesos*
Fields Avenue to SM Clark - 50-60 Pesos
Fields Avenue to Marquee Mall - 120-150 Pesos

* = A fee is paid by the trike drivers in SM or other malls so it may be more expensive getting back

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